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M&L ATV has you covered for the Lead Deadwood area!

We have three 3, three 4, and two 6 seater Polaris Ranger UTV for you to choose from. 
  • families and/or large groups are sure to have hours of fun within the Black Hills, Deadwood, and Lead area.
  • GPS, helmets, and glasses are furnished for your safe, fun, and exciting experience.
  • "If you ain't dirty and wet, you ain't having fun"
  •                                                                     -Owner Mike Crouch-





4 Hours

8 Hours

3 Seater $185

3 Seater $285

4 Seater $225

4 Seater $325

6 Seater $250

6 Seater $400


Contact us today to make a reservation for fun in the black hills!